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The Multi Pitch Routes to the Calanques

From initiation to the great routes to improvement

Aiguille NO de Sugiton, Calanques de Luminy, Libertagrimpe

How to choose and what are the prices?


You will find some examples of services of long routes with a different level of climbing below

For people who are a bit sporty but never or very little climbing:

initiation level: 180 euros

For people practicing a little climbing (5c room) and wanting to initiate themselves on the big track and the recall:

Confirmed level: 210 euros

For people practicing regularly in the gym (6a / b) who have already done a large initiation or not:

Confirmed+ level: 240 euros

For people practicing indoor or outdoor climbing regularly who have already done 6b / c long routes:

Expert level: 260 euros

We also offer courses over several days in initiation or confirmed to become autonomous on the big track

Arête NO de L'Aiguille de Sugiton, Inintation Grande Voie, Libertagrimpe

Arête Nord Ouest de l'Aiguille de Sugiton


or other Climbing lines on the Aiguille

Multipitch level initiation 5a max

4 Climbing lines

180 euros de 1 à 3 peoples

Calanque de Marseilleveyre, Grimper en Grande voie aux Calanques, Libertagrimpe

Arête Victor Martin Grotte de l'Ermite aux


Goudes + Absailling

Multipitch level confirmed 5c max

5 Climbing lines

210 euros de 1 à 3 peoples

Grimper au Bord de l'eau sur la voie de la Commune, Calanque de Marseille, Libertagrimpe

Traversée de la Commune Calanque de Sugiton :

Multipitch other the sea


Multi pithc level confirmed + : 6a+/b+

6/7 longueurs

240 euros de 1 à 2 pe

Bec de Morgiou, Aiguille de Sugiton, Libertagrimpe

OnYou want to go a long way in particular or get your limits possibilities


The We take you to test the limits of your possibilities expert level 6c / 7a


The 260 euros for 1 to 2 peoples

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Customers who decide to book must have read the terms of sale , in particular the repayment terms and the payment.

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Each reservation will be confirmed only after a response from us by email and after a deposit payment of 30% of the overall costs on activities above 100 euros. D years other cases, payment may be made on the day of delivery or via PayPal or bank transfer or send a check

Accepted payment : 

  • Check

  • Species

  • Bank Transfer and PayPal

  • ANCV: payment up to 50% of the benefit