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Access to the Massif des Calanques and the Department of Bouches du Rhône

Nous vous informons ici sur l'accès aux massif des Calanques

L'accès sur cette année est réglementé du 1 er Juin 2022 au

30 Septembre 2022

Règlementation mise en place par arrété préfectoral du 28 mai 2018


The conditions of access to the Massiffs of the Calanques Ste Victoire Cap Canaille and Côte Bleu is indicated below

A voice server and the application are updated daily and the information is given no later than 6 p.m. for the next day. Depending on the weather forecast,

A "forest fire" danger level will indicate the possibilities of access to the various forest massifs of the department.

  • Phone number

Voice server: 0 811 201 313 (surcharged call €0.06/min)

  • Phone app ​

Website and Smartphone Application:   My Provence Balade (Free)

"Forest fire" danger level represented by a color 

  • Green, Yellow or Orange: Access allowed all day

  • Red : Access on foot and including by sea), circulation and presence of people prohibited all day


Permanent prohibitions of use

  • Smoking or lighting a fire

  • Wild camping, bivouac or caravanning

  • Create noise pollution (including at sea)

  • Walk your dog without a leash

  • Disturb and feed land animals (Birds, wild boars, etc.)

  • Throw trash

  • Travel outside marked tracks and paths

  • Collect, take away, introduce animal or plant species (excluding collection for culinary or medicinal family use)

  • Use a motorized vehicle outside the lanes open to traffic

  • Park on the side of the road (outside the spaces provided)

  • Fly a drone in the National Park apply for a loan from the prefecture

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