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Canyoning Verdon

The most beautiful descents in Canyoning in the South-East of France, booking for Canyons around Verdon, Draguignan, Grace or Nice

Canyoning du Haut Jabron, Canyon demi journée, Libertagrimpe
Canyon du St Auban, toboggan du st Auban, Canyon Sportif demi journée, Libertagrimpe
Canyon du Riloan, guide Canyon Journée Verdon, Ecadremenent canyon journée, Les plus beau canyons du sud est de la france, Libertagrimp

Canyoning  d'initiation 1/2 day

For the family from 7 years old

40 euros

Canyoning  Sportif 1/2 day

For the sports family from 10 years or 13 years or Company committee

50 euros

Canyoning day

For those who want to travel, or bachelorette party, or canyoning birthday

70 euros

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